Friday, April 13, 2012


On Wednesday in Little Adventures Preschool we learned all about fruit!  We started off the day by doing some shared reading and review of the letter V.  Next, we moved into a cut/sort/glue activity.  It's a printable I found here where we were able to sort items that are fruit, and items that were not fruit.
 We also continued our math lesson on graphing and were able to start extending the concept to be representative of the number of fruits we saw on the side of the paper instead of actually cutting out the fruits and gluing them onto the graph.
 We just had to explore the garden for signs of fruit as well.  How convenient that the strawberry patch was in full bloom :)
 Wow!  Look Miss Amanda!  We found a ladybug!
 The apple tree was also a hit on our tour of the garden.  I'm hoping that at least for the kids who visit my house often that our conversation about how they take a long time to develop into fruit will encourage them to keep their hands off during their free play.
 Our graphing today focused on how the graph demonstrates a set of something. It was so convenient to use the smart board screen shade to cover up our set of color coins and facilitate our conversation about how many.  We talked about how there were 2 blue boxes filled, so there must be two coins above - and I'd move the shade and we'd count.  Surprise!  They were equal!

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