Thursday, March 31, 2016

Finishing up our Writing and Comparing Numbers Unit

We went entirely backwards from our usual schedule today with the hope of finishing our comparing numbers unit for the end of the month.  We were successful, yay!  We worked through comparing numbers up to 20 with the terms "greater than" "less than" and "equal to".  I still use lots of words to make sure the vocabulary is sticking.  For example, I say something like, "Which is greater, 13 or 15?  Which number is the biggest number?"  Remember that in preschool we're aiming for an introduction to topics, not mastery.  They have years to master this stuff.
In our story time we read "Alice the Fairy" and I was so excited that one of the kids piped up immediately and said that Alice looks like David!  This was exciting because David Shannon is the author and illustrator of both books and I was able to share how the author can write lots of different things.  We discussed all the parts of the book (cover with title and author, title page) and did a full retell of the story as a group when we were done.  They then got to write and draw about their favorite part.  Just a peek into what that was: for the most part preschoolers LOVE when she turns her bathwater into strawberry Jello.  We then finished up our day with some guided reading lessons and book reports.  It was super successful!

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