Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Happy April!

I am so excited that it is April!  It's finally warm enough that we get to do a little bit of school outside.  The weather today was super silly though.  It was cloudy and then sunny and then super windy.  We put the umbrella up and down and up again.  We were able to work on our book reports and our math lesson outside before coming in for writing and story time.
 Now that it is April we are working on a new math unit: Counting, Adding, and Subtracting within 5.  It doesn't seem like much, but the very basic number bonds/fact families are so important to understand that we spend a whole month talking about the numbers up to 5 before moving up to 10.  Today we had some free play time with our stack-able cuisenaire rods.  They have different colored blocks that represent different quantities (units are white, sets of two are a pink/red) and the sets of multiple numbers don't break apart.  After some free play, tower and rocket building, we attempted to make equal size rods from different blocks.  If we had a yellow 5 block we could make an equal size block with a 2 and a 3 block, or 5 units, or a 4 and a 1 block, etc.
When we headed inside we wrote about how crazy the weather was during our class today and then shared our work with each other.  We also had a super fun story time, a dance break, and then a little free play with the blocks at the end of the day.  It was a great kick off to April!

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