Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Brain Pain - The Real Struggle of Learning

We broke our brains!  We revisited how it is hard to learn new things and when your muscles are tired that is when they are growing.  The same it true for your brain when you get tired and something is hard that is when your brain is growing the most.  Needless to say - the rest of the class was spent talking about how everyone had a broken brain.  They were ultimately showing off that they had learned so much in school today :).
 We had such a fun time talking about rhyming words today with a book called Mouse Makes Words.  If you read it at home be sure to encourage your kiddo to make more rhymes with each word family than what are just listed in the book.  Rhyming words is a very important skill to have as we master language and reading.  I added a couple of pictures of our movement time today.  Movement pictures are the hardest to share because you can't see the "work" the kids are doing.  We were "napping" at the beginning of the 5 Little Monkeys song and then we were jumping up and down for the rest of the song.
We continued working on addition within 5 in our math time today.  We're starting to fully grasp the idea of two addends making a whole number, yay!  They were certainly hard workers all day long, growing their brains!

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