Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Purposeful Writing in Preschool

We had a fantastic afternoon in preschool today.  We worked through our reading, danced like crazy, reminded our brains how to draw numerals, and had the opportunity for some truly purposeful writing.
 Last week we missed two days of preschool because of the blizzard that hit Colorado.  Today was our first day back and when reminded of the storm everyone had a story to tell.  I was super excited to see how they could tell their stories in their journals.  We worked together at times to stretch words and think of how to write our ideas in a sentence.  Then afterwards we got to share with the whole group (the sharing time is so important for kids!).
 I was super impressed with everyone's effort to write and draw their memories, I just had to share them all!  When there is writing that has enough focus (assign a topic) and has tons of excitement behind it everyone is successful in putting their thoughts on paper.  Some writers are writing multiple sentences, others are writing one clear sentence, others have lots of ideas and bounce around a bit writing their thoughts in letters, and others have fantastic stories to tell the group verbally.  Everyone did such a fantastic job, I couldn't be prouder of them!

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