Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Writing for Reading and Retelling

Today was a snow make up day in preschool.  We had fun with so many different activities in our reading lessons.  We reviewed reading books from yesterday, read new books, and completed new book report forms (everyone is doing book reports now - yay).  The book reports we do vary in requirements.  Today we wrote a sentence about our favorite part of the book and then drew a picture from the story.  After our individual reading lessons we had story time.  Today's story was Caps For Sale.  The kids did a fantastic job making connections and sharing their guesses for what was going to happen in the story.  They had so many great ideas.  We then turned to our journals to write about the story.  I encouraged them to draw and write about their favorite part but left it open for kids to write about any aspect of the story that was interesting to them.  They were so focused and so excited to share their writing with the whole class.  We continued talking about greater than and less than in math today.  We used a page that had two flowers and a different number of seeds in the middle of each flower.  We counted the seeds and talked about which flower had a greater number or the least number of seeds and colored it accordingly. 

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