Thursday, January 21, 2016

We are writers!

I love my job.  The amazing growth that happens with preschoolers is fast paced and so fun to watch.  Today we played with magnets, read one-on-one with Miss Amanda and worked on our Ready2Read lessons.  I know I've been writing a lot lately about writing.  I just can't help myself when these kids are making writing leaps and bounds.  Today we reviewed how we can stretch words to know what letters to write.  We talked about how sometimes there is a kid way to spell things and an adult way to spell things and because adults aren't always great at reading kid spellings I occasionally write the adult spelling above the attempted spelling.  The kids also led us to a mini lesson on using our sight word chart hanging on the wall to know how to spell sight words correctly.  They also helped us all recognize that using our finger to make a space between words makes it easier for our eyes to read.  So many of these kids are tackling great big sentences already!  Today kids wrote sentences like "I like breakfast the most." and "My favorite water bottle has an orange lid." and "The cat is loving friends."  Of course they were written in kid spelling, but they were written!  We've graduated past the scribbles, random lines, and drawings being the main form of sharing a message.  We are writing.  And we love it!
 A quick picture of our jumping as we counted to 100 of course :).  Have a great weekend, happy learning!

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