Thursday, January 28, 2016

Learning and Growing

I love seeing the growth these guys have made over the few years they've been here.  We've learned to play together, to talk, to share, to listen, to cooperate and to learn.  Our writing today was wonderful.  It is so fun to read emergent writer's work :).  They also LOVE sharing their work and taking turns to talk and be the center of attention.
 Our reading is also blossoming as we work through our sight words, phonics and guided reading lessons.
 After listening to Peter and the Wolf about a zillion times over the last few months I decided to try a variety of Freeze Dances, Animal Action, and Listen and Move songs.  They were a hit.  Through the songs we were instructed how to dance and move.  I'm so impressed and happy with these kids, they make me smile :).

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