Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I love snow day!  It's so much fun!  We play with snow and talk all about what snow is and introduce the letter F.  We do F on this day because it's the sound you make when you're freezing.  We started the day playing with snow in cookie sheets.  We decided to use the fake snow since it wouldn't melt or cause any problems like cold fingers. 
 We had so much fun with our reading lesson today.  We continued with our shared reading and finding the words we know how to read within the text we have.  The kids have loved marking the words they know how to read.
 I'm so sad I missed pictures of them dancing in our snowstorm.  We have snowflakes suspended from the ceiling at varying lengths and everyone thought it was the best game to make them swing and "snow" a little bit while we were dancing and singing.  We worked on the letter F art from the Amazing Action Alphabet, made snowflakes with silver pipe-cleaners and even graphed snowflakes.  It was an option to go out and play in the snow at the end of the day but the girls declined since they were working so hard on their beading.  The boys enjoyed playing outside though!

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