Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Gingerbread Friends - Tot School

So I may have taken way too many pictures today, but Gingerbread Friends is one of my absolute favorite days to play in preschool.  We started the day sorting buttons, playing with the Gingerbread Friends tot pack, lacing cards, sorting shapes and reading books. 
 We colored on pre-cut sandpaper gingerbread shapes with cinnamon bark (soak it in really hot water first) and everyone loved how they smelled after.  Once again, I set out the mats for story time and everyone came running over.  I love how excited they get to listen to a story.
 After story time we had healthy snack time (I had made Larabars in gingerbread shapes, they were SO cute!) and then we got to decorate gingerbread cookies.  And eat them of course :)
 It was one of those days when I looked at the clock, saw it was 11:05 and thought that I simply just don't have enough play time in my life.  It ended up that 20 minutes was perfect to finger paint with homemade gingerbread scented finger paints and play with homemade gingerbread scented play dough.  There were a couple activities we had to skip since we didn't go back downstairs, but we had oodles of fun and filled every minute with learning and exploring.  Now, I best go eat my breakfast! (I've been too busy to get to that yet!)

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