Friday, December 6, 2013

Gingerbread Friends

I love gingerbread day!  For us it's like gingerbread week.  We started off preschool with some gingerbread coloring, button sorting and playing the gingerbread game on the SmartBoard and on the iPad.
 Our reading lesson today was a whole group lesson.  Everyone received their own copy of "The Gingerbread Man" and we read through it page by page marking the words we knew how to read with highlighter tape.  I love it when kids become engaged in a task like this.  Each one was looking through their copy of the book to find the word "the", "I", or "a".  I think we also found the word "sat" along with a few others.  It's the first step to really knowing that reading happens in the real world and that they're learning to do what the adults are doing.  It's such a fun activity! Even if you're only homeschooling one child I'd recommend that you get them some highlighter tape and let them go to town marking all the words they can read in a book.  Then when you read the book together to adult reads all the big words and the child reads all the highlighted words.
 What's a gingerbread day without decorating and eating some gingerbread cookies?
 We also enjoyed art time with paint and play dough.  It was a fantastic fun filled day!

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