Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Sharing and Manners

Welcome back!  We enjoyed our first day back after our mini Thanksgiving break.  We spend the first day in December talking about sharing and manners.  As we move into the holiday season it's important to give an upfront reminder about how to appropriately behave.  We played a review letter game to review all 10 letters we've already learned in school.  Make sure you're still reading your mini readers at home every day!  We had a little dance break between the letter activity and story time since we'd been sitting so long.  All the girls held hands and jumped/danced in a circle and little A waved the "I Love You" ASL to her friend little E.  It was so adorable!
 For art we worked on making paper chains.  It was the first time we'd worked on this idea.  We stressed only putting glue on the end of one of the papers and then pressing it to the other end to make a circle.  Many made raindrop shaped chains, a couple of the older kids were able to make circle chains and one didn't connect her loops together but did very neatly line them up :).
 We also made a group family graph to introduce graphing (our December concept) and worked on sorting and classifying shapes.  We're getting better at building our own sets.  We started talking about tempo with the rhythm sticks as we listened to holiday music at the end of the day.  Happy December!

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