Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Toddler Manners

We had a fantastic day in tot school today.  We were talking all about manners and how we can be good friends.  We talked about sharing and how we can treat our friends. 
 The letter of the week is M.  We learned all about M the Moose in the Amazing Action Alphabet.  We traced the letter M and made M Watches from the Moffatt Girls.  Most kids loved sporting their watches all day long.  Encourage your little one to find the letter M throughout the house in children's books and on signs in the environment.
 I laminate the back of the watches and add Velcro as a closure.  To laminate just the back of a page I laminate two pages at a time, printed side facing each other, with a blank page in between the pages.  They are slightly more durable this way and yet they are still able to be colored.
 We enjoyed the shape stamps and stamp pads outside in the nice warm weather today.
 We played with a letter M stamp and practiced tracing it with our fingers.  We talked about the color of the ink pads as well as the shapes we were playing with.  There was also plenty of book reading, sandbox and play house fun as well as riding bikes.  It was a great day!

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