Thursday, August 22, 2013

School Tools

This morning we read "Wild About Books" and started introducing the idea of reading.  It went something like this: "In a book there are often pictures and words.  We can read the words to learn the story and enjoy the book.  Today the words may look like a bunch of crazy symbols all put together, but this year in preschool we're going to learn all the letters, what sounds they make, and how to read the words so we can enjoy the books!"
 I look forward to getting into a letter of the week next week (letter M) and showing them what reading really looks like.  Stay tuned for more reading lessons geared towards Preschoolers just learning their alphabet.
 We continued our work on fine motor skills today with tearing tissue paper, gluing it to our papers and cutting all sorts of construction paper.
 In math we talked about the quantity of 2 and played a game where we were matching socks.
 Our music class was about volume today.  We loved shaking maracas to the music. We matched how loudly we shook the maracas to how loudly the music was playing. We had a great day and we look forward to next week where we can really start digging into reading lessons!

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