Thursday, August 29, 2013

Preschool Manners

We had such a fun day learning about manners and reviewing the letter M today.  One really fun activity that I do with the kids is give them magnifying glasses and search all over the room for the letter we are currently learning.  Then we use highlighter tape to mark the letters we find.  It's an important stage for preschoolers to start pointing out letters that they recognize in their environment and this encourages them to do it. 
 We followed the Preschool Manners lesson plans and read some stories with characters that acted with and without manners.  We learned how when people act with manners it helps everyone feel happy.  When we don't use manners it makes us feel sad.  As we read the stories kids held up their smiley face or sad face to match how the characters were making them feel.
 We enjoyed popcorn, hot dogs and peppers for lunch today.  We're working every day on serving ourselves and pouring the correct amount of water into our cups.  We're doing fairly well.
 After snack we acted out different situations for a photography book of manners that I'll be putting together tonight.  When you act different situations out and take a picture of it children relate and understand the concept a little more comprehensively.

 As we continue with our math curriculum we're starting to work on one-to-one correspondence as well as equality in sets.  Just matching one baseball with one glove, or one flower to one vase does the trick.
Enjoy the long weekend with your preschooler, and happy learning!

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