Tuesday, August 27, 2013

An Introduction to Preschool Reading

There are many philosophies behind teaching reading.  I honestly believe that young children (3 years and up) can learn to read.  In fact, I've seen it.  Not every child will be ready to read that young as every person learns in a different way and at their own personal pace.  I like to take the benefit of the doubt and go ahead and teach them in a way that builds upon itself.  I use the Amazing Action Alphabet materials and I don't believe there is a better program out there.

I also don't teach the alphabet in order.  I teach it in an order that facilitates reading.  Teach the letters that make the highest amount of short vowel decodable words in the shortest amount of time.  The order is as follows: MTASBHCILPFJONDGURKEWYVXZQ

All of my curriculum's follow this order throughout the year.  Generally I teach one letter per week, 3 new letters in a row and then have a review week.

Today's introduction of the letter M and how to read are crucial.  The understanding that the symbols on the page represent sounds that we say and have meaning is a HUGE concept for little kids to understand.  It's the leap into reading.  I love the mini readers from the Amazing Action Alphabet because the creator of them completely understands this concept.  The first book has the letter M, and only the letter M.
Children should practice over and over doing what good readers do.
A Clue Card from the School Tools Preschool Pack
Good readers use their eyes to look at the letters.  Their fingers to point to the letters.  Their lips to say the sound of the letter.  And their ears to hear the sound of the letter and eventually to hear the blended sound of multiple letters.
 Practice this at home in many different ways.  I like to use different pointing tools throughout the year to engage kids in the hard work of beginning reading.  We're off to a successful start to the school year and I hope you are, too!  Happy reading!

P.S.  We have a new class pet.  It's a cricket that was hanging out in our classroom on our blocks.  It was singing so much that we had to stop everything and catch it :)
P.S.S. I apologize for the poor photo quality.  My camera died and until my new one arrives I only have my iPod for taking photos.  New camera should arrive Friday!

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