Monday, June 10, 2013

Preschool Summer Curriculum {FREE Download!}

Wow! It is with great amazement that I came online this afternoon to find that Little Adventures Preschool has over 600 votes in the Circle of Moms Top 25 Homeschooling Moms contest. I am so thankful for your support in this adventure! If you haven't swung by in the last 24 hours, please stop by Circle of Moms and click on the heart next to the Little Adventures Preschool logo to vote for us. This contest goes for 3 more days!  If we can make it into the TOP 5 I have an awesome giveaway up my sleeve.  Share about us with your friends and family to make it happen!

Since you all are so awesome I wanted to share with you the NEWLY COMPLETED Preschool Summer Curriculum! 

There are 6 different packs: Summer Bugs, Gardens and Plants, Bubbles, Safari and Camping, Summer Fun, and Wheels.  Each pack has numerous activities to expand your lesson plans and activities based on the theme.  Each pack also contains a list of books to read and oodles of printables to play with your preschoolers!  Each pack focuses on 4 letters and 1 math category.  They're intended as a review for 4 year olds that just finished a year of preschool, but would be a great introductory for 3 year olds that are starting this fall or a review for 5 year olds that are getting ready for kindergarten.

Some of the activities include:
Left and right sorting
Alphabet activities
Large motor games
Numeral activities
4th of July activities
Sequencing Events
Ordinal Numbers
Comparing and Classifying Objects

I don't have pictures yet because I just finished the set as I was typing up this blog of awesome.  Swing by Teacher's Notebook and download your free copy today!

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