Thursday, June 13, 2013

Happy Father's Day! {Free} Printable

We had our multilingual get together with our homeschooling group this morning and our focus was on relationships.  We focused mostly on Fathers since Father's Day is this Sunday.  We started by watching 3 video clips from Signing Time.  "Mom Has A Mom" "Let's Be Friends" "In a House"  this helped us review the sign language for our key vocabulary words: Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Friend, Play, Share, House, Family.
Next we worked on these cute "interview" forms about our dads.  Most of the answers at this age are enough to make you crack a smile if not laugh out loud.  Question: "How tall is your dad?"  Answer: "I don't know.  Maybe 14 18?"

 We also encouraged families to bring photo albums and we hunted through pictures to find all the important people and we practiced signing who they were.
We did hand prints for our dads as well.  This super cute "You are the world's best dad! Hands down" with upside down hand prints ended up looking fantastic!

 We also pulled out craft clay and made little stars with fingerprints on them for our dads.
 At the end of our activity time we found matching vocabulary cards and did the ASL and practiced the Spanish for each vocabulary word.
Forgot it was Father's Day or you're not prepared yet?  Don't fret!  Download the Father's Day pages that we created today and you're ready to create your own!  

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