Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Little Learners - Summer Safari

We had so much fun meeting with our homeschooling group today for our Little Learners activity day.  We used the Summer Safari tot pack to explore different elements of camping and safari animals.  
 The first thing we worked on was our scissor skills and puzzle skills.  I printed a few of the puzzle pages from the tot pack.  Then I used a spray adhesive to glue a piece of construction paper on the back of the pages.  That way the back of each person's puzzle pieces were color coded.  I tried to do everyone's favorite colors.
 After they cut out their puzzles they got to practice putting them together.

 I had a tent set up inside and didn't get any great pictures of it, but we all sat inside the tent to read stories.  We read the pre-reader book from the Summer Safari tot pack as well as a book from
 Then we played with the hide-and-seek monkey.  It is a toy I got from a few years ago as a Father's Day gift for my husband from our boys.  There is a receiver that you click and it makes the monkey make monkey sounds.  So one person hides the monkey and another person has to find it based on where they think the sound is coming from.  It was SO MUCH FUN for everyone and I wish I had pictures of it.
 We played a few tot pack games and then sang songs in the tent.  Our next activity was to make a hand print animal of our favorite safari animal.  Though they didn't all quite fit in "Safari" we went with requests.  We had peacocks, lions and zebras.  After they made their hand prints they got to paint for a bit.

 We really enjoy having a group that supports the growing ages and stages of all the children in our group.  I plan to host Little Learners once a month for group.  Today's activity was actually a postponed activity from May, so there will be another one next week.  It's the equivilent of a Tot School class, but all the moms stay.  If you're in the area (Aurora, CO) and need a homeschool group check us out:

We had so much fun with the Summer Safari Tot Pack.  Be sure to stop by our giveaway and enter to win it for your Little Learners!  Low entrants means practically everyone will win!

Thanks to everyone for your support!  Be sure to swing by Circle of Moms today and click on the heart by the Little Adventures Preschool Monkey!

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