Sunday, June 9, 2013

PreReading Books {FREE Download} for Toddlers-Kindergartners

Dearest Friends,

It was with such delight that I woke up this morning to discover that Little Adventures Preschool had reached 500 votes on Circle of Moms Top 25 Homeschooling Blogs.  I am so amazed at the positive influence I'm having on so many wonderful homeschooling families.  When our Summer Tot Pack giveaway ended and I read through all of the entries you all sounded so lovely with such wonderful children that you're trying to spend intentional time with.  Thank you for your support and helping raise a wonderful generation of life long learners.

For the handfuls of new readers to my blog, please feel free to check out my philosophy on education and field trips.  In short, I believe that we can teach children while still young the basic building blocks of reading and math and then move into a more child/youth led educational environment with more success.

I run a formal Tot School (2 year olds) and Preschool (3-5 year olds) out of my home through the school year.  My oldest son CJ will be starting kindergarten this fall (homeschooling of course).  I will also be participating in a homeschooling cooperative learning experience.  Through the next year on my blog you'll be able to follow the homeschooling ideas that I've found successful for 2 year olds, 3-5 year olds (who end the year reading) and kindergartners.  There will be free resources throughout the year and updated curriculum that I've created for you to download at  As a full curriculum you will need to look no further to supplement anything, and if your teaching philosophy falls in line with mine you will have a successful learning experience through this year and years to come.

As a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to all of my readers who've swung by and clicked on the heart next to Little Adventures Preschool I've created some pre-reading books that are a fantastic tool for toddlers-kindergartners who aren't reading quite yet.  There are details and instructions so you know exactly what to do with them to improve your child's understanding of text and reading. Play with them all summer and gear up to be reading in a year!

To download your free copy of the first 5 pre-reader summer books just head to TeachersNotebook or click on the images above.  If you use them with your little one I'd love to hear how they're received and utilized, just leave a comment here or on our Facebook page

And, don't forget to head on over and click the heart by the Little Adventures Preschool Monkey, we're #6 today!
 Enjoy, and happy learning!
-Miss Amanda

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