Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tot Summer Camp - Friends

Today was our last day of tot summer camp.  We have enjoyed this version of tot school so much that we are going to continue it through the school year.  We will have 2 sessions of tot school and can't wait for all the fun that will be had!
 The girls loved the toddler pack about friends.  These little pictures of friends were laminated and then taped to an old fashioned "doll" clothes pin.  We enjoyed making them stand up on the edge of the bowl and then pulling them off again!
 CJ played with the feltboard friends.  He made up some funny story about them :)
 Where is the sun?
 Snack time was delicious!  During the growing season all snacks are organically home grown treats picked fresh for snack time.  Today we had beets, tomatos, and peaches.
 A little sandbox fun.

 All of the kids LOVED the friendship beanbag toss game.  They tossed it and handed it and really got into it.  We sang it over and over and over!

 Shadow matching.

 We made friendship bracelets from pipe stems and gluten free puff cereals.  Though intended to be a fine motor activity, only a couple of the kids got it.  The rest just wanted to eat the cereal right away - you would have thought that I didn't feed them snack or something. :)

 Our art project today included potato stamps.  If you've never done this before it is simple and fun to do.  Cut up your potato, push a cookie cutter into it as far as you can make it go, then take a knife around the cookie cutter (while it is still in the potato) and then pop off the ring.  Two stamps in one!

 A couple of the girls were so cute, saying, "up, down" over and over again after I'd demonstrated and helped them figure out how to do the stamps.


  1. Thank you, Miss Amanda, for an amazing experience for lil gal R! She always had so much fun and now that she talks (babbles) she tells us all about the fun! I'm so glad she was able to actually put the puff cereal on the pipe cleaners! She's always seemed to have very good "small motor skills", but now we also know she can show patience to put FOOD on a bracelet, and then get to eat it later! You are an amazing teacher and mother and we are so happy to be a part of your group!

    1. You are so welcome Miss Carol! And thank you you much for your kind words. I have absolutely loved playing with our toddler friends and watching their growth has been completely amazing. It was an amazing group of kids and a fantastic opportunity that I'm very glad I was encouraged to do. Thank you for bringing Lil Gal R so far to play with us!