Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tot Summer Camp - Bugs

Yesterday, we resumed Tot Summer Camp with all our toddler friends.  Our theme was bugs, and we had so much fun!  We started by playing Elefun, but it was so much fun and crazy all wrapped into one that I didn't snap a picture until they were all distracted with play dough, oops :)

 We worked on our bug making skills with some home made gluten free play dough and pipe cleaners.  Lil'GalV enjoyed using the bug books from the printable tot pack as play dough mats.
 It was certainly a painting day!

 It was so cute when they all decided they were done at the same time and went to grab wipes to clean off their hands :)
 We also did some footprint butterflies.  It was fun to watch their reactions as I spread paint on the bottom of their feet.  Once CJ started saying that it tickled we had a little parrot that kept walking around saying, "It tickle!"
 Snack was tomatoes and lightly steamed zucchini.  Both picked fresh from our garden that morning.  The zucchini was a big hit!
 Some sandbox play after snack time, and Lil'GalR still working on that zucchini.
 Lil'GalS LOVED snack.  Tomatoes and zucchini appeared to be the best thing in the world!
 Another butterfly picture.
 And of course, back to the painting table once I told them I'd rather they didn't smear the paint from their footprints around they really wanted to paint more, so the painting continued!
 We finished the day with painting and the moms were just in time to help me wash every one's hands!


  1. Renee had such a good time and always does at your house! Amanda, you come up with such creative and fun things for the kids to do! I'm so glad we get to be a part of your camp!

    1. Thank you Carol, you are so sweet :) We certainly have a lot of fun!