Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Camp - Bugs

Our playgroup came over today for our weekly Summer Camp.  Today's edition: Bugs!  We had so much rain that we had to stay inside for a good portion of our morning.  Here's the preschool before everyone came:
 We started filling in with more kids!  It's always delightful to have a full house.
 We practiced picking up "bugs" (pompom balls) with tweezers.
 We also made bugs out of foam shapes.

 And worked on some bug puzzles.  I think the boys really enjoyed putting multiple heads on these bugs.
 Some kids gathered around to make caterpillars out of pompoms (6 hot glued in a line on a foam leaf).
 The big kids really loved the geoboards that I pulled out.
 CJ's caterpillar.  Can you tell that he picked out his own clothes this morning?  Smashing!
 We also played with play dough and made it into bugs with pipe cleaners and made fingerprint ants with black ink.
 Lucky for us there was a break in the rain, so we took our picnic outside.

 It was absolutely delightful.
 Even when the rain came back full force :)
We didn't dive too much into the preschool pack because of all the hands on fun that we were doing (everything is listed on the first page of the pack), but feel free to download your free copy here:

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