Thursday, December 17, 2015

Polar Express Pajama Day

We had such a blast today in our pajamas!  The energy was so high you would have thought I gave them candy upon entering the classroom today :).  We started our day off reviewing our pre-primer sight words on a fun website based game of memory.  Then we had to get right to work making our Christmas presents for our moms.  We lost a day this week due to snow so it was a rush with slightly wet paint in the end but they turned out so cute!
 We watched a narration of "The Polar Express" book that had images from the book, movie and other scenes to go along with it.  Then we watched the "Hot Chocolate" scene from the movie and followed that up with dancing to the song.  Our next step in our holiday gifts was to sew on buttons.  The kids did a fantastic job with this mini sewing project.  I was so proud of them and proud of the ones who were waiting patiently for their turn.
 They even got to wrap their presents at the end.  It's been fun to see these kids grow in silly skills like ripping tape off the dispenser.  It wasn't too long ago that that task was simply too difficult for them to do.  Today most of them did it on their own with little struggle.  I was so proud of them.  When we were wrapping presents I asked the kids to be quick because moms would be arriving soon and we didn't want them to see their gifts.  One of my boys responded with, "But we just got here!"  It was such an exciting day that it was over before they even knew it!
Have a fantastic holiday break!  Enjoy family and spend some time reading to your children.
Hugs and loves, Miss Amanda

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