Thursday, December 10, 2015

How We Express Ourselves: Writing and Color

Today we had a great time writing to express ourselves.  We made a big deal about working and trying hard at the task no matter what it looked like.  The task for some was more about the drawing and for others was more about the writing.  Then each child got an opportunity to share their writing with the group.  I know the kids love having sharing time but it was so sweet to hear it from one of the boys directly about how much he loves sharing time.
 We then headed to the kitchen to paint!  I was very impressed with their ability to follow fairly complex instructions for making their color wheel.  I only gave them one step at a time with the tools to complete that step after I had explained it.  They were super excited when we started blending colors and they saw new colors appear.
 Of course, clean up after using that many paint brushes was quite the party at our one little sink :).
The kids played outside for a few minutes while I finished up with the paint brushes and wiping down the table.  The weather is so nice I'm sure they wanted to stay out and play forever.  There was also the benefit of feeding the chickens today.  I let them feed some celery that was still in the garden (quite wilted and sad) and then some mealworms, which the kids and the chickens were super excited about.
I don't have any pictures, but toward the end of the day we had about 5 minutes before pick up and a cute little voice asked if we could listen to the "Wolf and the Little Boy" again.  "You want to listen to 'Peter and the Wolf'?" I asked. "YES! That was so awesome!" Came the reply.  I LOVE how much they got from that experience and turned it on as we finished up for the day.  What happy little people :).

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