Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Digging for Dinosaurs

Wow!  What a great day of school!  The kids loved playing in the indoor sandbox and digging for dinosaurs.  We read the "Magic Tree House" dinosaurs book while they dug away the sand and "found" dinosaur bones.  There was quite a bit of digging and building and dinosauring happening this morning.
 We used the hole punches to decorate our dancing letter D and cut out sandpaper to make dinosaur bodies in our journals. It was a great day of learning!
 This afternoon we worked diligently in our guided reading groups and on our Ready2Read work.  The kids are doing fantastic with their reading.  I'm very impressed with their skills.
 We read "The Kiss that Missed" and drew our favorite parts in our journals.  We included words to describe our pictures and every one of them did a great job at sounding out the word(s) they wanted to write and wrote the letters.  Great work!
We finished our unit about coins today.  Now they know the 4 main coins, a little about them and what they're worth.  It's more of an introductory lesson that will be reintroduced in Kindergarten math. We ended the day with some fun in the sandbox.  What a great day!


  1. Wao that looks so excited, How do you manage to have it nice or clean after they play? Have been thinking about it doing at my house but afraid of been out of control!!!

    Great idea

    1. I generally deal with the mess and sand covered floor for a few days and do a massive clean after. If you have to buy sand for the summer anyway it's worth the extra effort to buy it in winter. Good luck!