Monday, January 26, 2015

Dancing and Amazing Peaceful Learning

This morning our preschool A spent their time here talking about letter D and dancing.  We danced for 2 hours of our 2.5 hours together.  My pedometer read that I had taken 3000 steps in those 2.5 hours.  I generally manages around 1k each class.  We were moving!  And there were so many cute pictures I could hardly pick and choose.  So, here's the breakdown.  We danced.  We ate snack. We read our D book.  We danced some more. We made patterns.  Check out the cute pics!

This afternoon was amazing!  Perhaps it was because the tables were put in the other room still and we did our reading lessons on the floor.  Everyone got their lessons done quickly, I read with each child and we were through our work in record time!  Remember to read with your child tonight and tomorrow (practice the W Amazing Action Alphabet mini book and/or review the Ready2Read pages).
 After we finished our reading lessons I read "How I Became a Pirate" to the class.  We orally did a 5 finger retell of the book and then wrote our own book reports about our favorite part.  Then we got to share our reports with everyone.
 We had snack, got to play outside, learned about dimes and then played music and had free time to play with blocks and dolls.  It was a fantastic day!

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