Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Q is for Quilts

We had so much fun today with our Q is for Quilts theme!  We've now officially learned all 26 letters of the alphabet!  We had tons of fun reading a story about a boy who makes his own quilt.  Then we followed the directions and made our very own quilts.  They aren't quite big enough to cover preschooler's bodies but they are big enough to snuggle with and both my boys went to bed with theirs tonight :).  We used a square template, drew the squares onto the fabric and then cut them out.  Cutting out fabric is quite difficult so they each cut between 1-4 of their 9 squares by themselves.  I then sewed them together on the sewing maching. 
 After the quilts were done they got to color on them with fabric markers (if you iron the drawings before washing them it will help them stay more permanently).  We also worked on our Q the Queen Bee art from the Amazing Action Alphabet Activity books, super fun!  We did our reading lessons all snuggled up in our quilts today and ended the day "resting" while we waited for moms to come.  We had a blast!

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