Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Trees Are Plants - A Preschool Lesson

We love spring time and are starting our study of trees and plants.  Today we talked all about trees.  We read books about how trees help clean the air and how they are homes for many different animals.  We also learned that trees are used to make paper and we should be careful with the amount of paper we use because we don't want all the trees to be gone.  We talked about letter X today and the kids got a kick out of the ASL x looking just like Captain Hook's Hook.  It also works out that we can use that same sign to take our X-Ray pictures.  Sweet!
 We learned about the numeral 5 today and once again enjoyed jumping from numeral to numeral on our TouchMath Step Numerals. We had a great day practicing our reading and learning about the trees around us.

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