Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Plants - A Tot School Experience

We love spring time at Little Adventures Preschool.  It means planting, and new life, and warm days!  Today our theme was all about plants.  It's such a fun theme to learn all about the parts of a plant and the life cycle of a plant.  Find our Plants Tot Pack Here!  We had a great amount of fun today playing with puzzles.  Through the year we've mostly pulled out the single piece chunky puzzles in tot school and it was fun to see which kids were ready for 12 piece puzzles.  We'll pull out the larger puzzles more often now!
 The kids LOVED the art project we did to show all the parts of the plant.  We started with our white sheet of paper and talked about where the dirt should go.  Then we went through the growth of a plant sequentially.  First we put a seed in the dirt (hot glue works well).  Next, the seed grows roots (string tied in a knot and separated, also hot glued on).  Then it grows a stem, followed by leaves and a flower.  There are also labels in the printable pack but we didn't get to that point yet.  We'll repeat the same activity tomorrow in preschool - look for an image with the labels then.
As the kids that come over are getting older we're prepping them for access to the whole garden.  In a few weeks the fence that has been keeping everyone out will be taken down.  We're utilizing all our springtime themes to take tours of the garden and talk about the plants and how to help the plants to grow (no touching or picking flowers).  We've also been talking a lot about garden beds and how our feet stay in the walkways.  It's working so far.  For the most part when they're turned free to play they all just end up in the sandbox anyway :).  What a lovely day to get out and play with plants!

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