Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Rain, Rainbows, Mud and Worms in Tot School

We had such a fun day in tot school this week!  We love talking about rain, rainbows, mud and worms.  We sang the song, "Herman the Worm" from the tot pack over and over.  They thought it was hilarious. 
We read a bunch of books and then pulled out the compost worms at the kitchen table. Next, we headed outside to find the mud kitchen ready to be worked in. 
 There was so much "work" going on.  They were stirring and pouring and scooping and playing in the mud and water.  Last year a few kids spent the day over at the playhouse.  I don't think anyone made it that far into the yard this year, they were too excited about all the work to be done with the mud.

What a great day of learning and hard work!

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