Wednesday, March 19, 2014


What a fabulous review day we had!  We dressed up as train engineers and played with the wooden train sets.  We read oodles of books about trains, their history and the different types of trains.  We practiced the all of the letters we've already learned with our St. Patrick's Day train printable.  I'm so impressed with these kiddos that are picking up their alphabet and utilizing it to begin reading.  Keep up the great work at home!
We also made a cute train craft that involved cutting and coloring.  I'm bummed I didn't snap a picture of a finished train.  We continued working on writing our names with a focus on specific troublesome letters.  Math was so much fun as we started learning about coins.  Today we focused on the penny.  We sang songs about the penny and its characteristics.  Preschoolers really love learning about money!

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