Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Animals in Spring

We had so much fun in school today talking about animals in spring.  We had our sensory bin with green rice, Easter grass and plastic eggs galore out for exploring.  We also had poker chips and large crayon banks that we sorted the chips according to color into.  Between those two stations everyone was very busy at work until snack time.  We learned "Popcorn Popping" a song about the blossoms on fruit trees looking like popcorn.  
 We also had a few large cardboard boxes out to talk about them as dens and the animals are starting to wake up in spring time. The kids loved eating snack around the baby chicks.  They were so excited about watching their every move!
 We enjoyed popcorn art that went along with our song, read oodles of books and had an enjoyable time playing outside.  Yay for springtime!


  1. Our entire preschool theme is "We're Wild About Learning!" All of our classes are divided up into different animal groups. We've had great fun coming up with the individual class names!