Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tot School Weather

Wow!  What a great week to talk about the letter W with nice weather!  We spent tot school outside for the whole day and had so much fun!  The kids were excited to play with everything they hadn't seen for a few months.  The sandbox and the playhouse were quite popular.  We also played in our weather sensory bin (blue rice, cotton balls, silver pipe cleaners bent like lightening, a felt sun).   
 We had snack on a picnic blanket and ate watermelon.  It was so exciting to them that they were having a picnic!  We made windsocks with streamers and had oodles of fun carrying them around the yard.  One art project that we explored was an equal mixture of shaving cream and liquid glue.  We painted "clouds" with them and they turned out really cool!  While we were waiting for moms to come we each got a straw and got to play the part of 'wind' by blowing around all the clouds (cotton balls) on the hard floor.  It was such a blast!

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