Tuesday, September 10, 2013

It's Fall!

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We had a fantastic time in preschool today.  We learned all about fall/autumn and it was the perfect day for it.  We finally have slightly cooler weather in Colorado.  It's felt like August still for the past week!  We don't have leaves on the ground yet, though they are starting to change colors on the trees.  Today we used paper leaves and threw them up in the air while singing our leaves in the fall song from the Preschool Lesson Plans about Fall

 We've learned the letter T and are working on reading our "T Book" from the Amazing Action Alphabet.  I love how her books build so slowly for the very first reading steps.

 We counted out 5 foam T's for each person.  I use the foam stickers so that kids can have the built in fine motor practice of taking the sticky part off the back of it. We were also working on quantity of 5 today, so 5 T stickers fit the bill!
 For art we made T watches from the Moffatt Girls and the letter T activity page from the Amazing Action Alphabet.  During math we played with counters creating different sets.

We had a great day of learning!

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