Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dentist - Preschool

We had a great day of learning about the Dentist, letter T and our teeth!  The kids really loved brushing the teeth of the puppets as we got started this morning. 

 As we learn the letters of the alphabet children start to find them in their environment.  It is a great activity to give them a highlighter or colored pencil and an old magazine or junk mail and let them find where the letter of the week is throughout the whole thing.  It's harder than you think!
 We watched a video of Elmo pretending that he had teeth and how he would take care of his special teeth.
 One of our favorite activities is painting the bottom of an egg carton white with a tooth brush.  We talk all about how the grey is a dirty color and when we brush our teeth we make make them white and clean.  If we had them dry before the end of the day we would have also practiced flossing our "teeth" with a piece of string.

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