Thursday, September 5, 2013

Feelings 9-5-13

We had a great day talking all about feelings and emotions.  We watched a few short clips from Sesame Street about the different feelings and emotions we can have. 
 We played with mirrors and tried to make our faces match the faces of the main character in "Funny Face" a great book all about emotions.
 We are working on our understanding of sound and listening to sound.  Today we played a game where the iPod was playing a quiet song and while the kids closed their eyes I hid it somewhere in the room.  They each got a turn to try and find the iPod simply by listening to the sound.  It is a surprisingly difficult game for 3 year olds to play, yet it's super fun for them and they feel so proud of themselves when they accomplish the goal.  Try playing it at home with your little one!
 Our art activity today was the same activity as yesterday with the toddlers.  Due to a request for what songs we listened too, I took video segments today of their art so you can see how it progressed.

 In math we're working on the quantity of 4.  We played with monster finger puppets (up to 4 each) and practiced counting them as they received them one at a time.  We also made our puppets talk about what feelings and emotions they have.
 At the end of the day kids were also able to play with the emotion bean bags and the hand puppets to talk all about emotions.  It was fun to focus on colors all day and how different colors can represent different emotions.

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