Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Boy, we were certainly moving and shaking when we learned about transportation and the letter R on Monday.
Throughout the whole day we used the "Transportation Pack" created by Jolanthe @ I made some of the key pages into a folder of sorts for the kids with pockets on the insides of all the activities we were doing for the day.
 We did some pre-writing tracing, puzzles, shadow matching, and size sequencing.
 We also did some cutting and gluing to put cars and trucks in their right "lane" facing either left or right.

 And what would transportation be without doing a little tire painting?

 Our math skill that we've been working on has been classifying objects.  We've talked about heavy and light, but now it was time for some hands on experiments with the kitchen scale and blocks.  We certainly had a lot of fun!

 At one point we also had out a ruler balanced over a cylindrical block so we could test a few blocks and see which were heavy/light/equal in weight.  I guess I didn't get any pictures of that. :(

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