Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday's Continuation of St. Patrick's Day

So, honestly?  I was behind.  But having kids help with a baking project is a great learning experience for the kids and I should have planned it this way from the beginning, but I didn't so I'll admit I was behind.  But we made good cake!
Friday morning our favorite 4 year old twins came over for fortifying Friday (an optional 3rd day of preschool) and we started with making our cake for a big lunch we were going to have right after class.
 We even made the cake batter green in honor of our theme: St. Patrick's Day.  Yes, "C" and "EMan" are in their pajamas while the twins are all fancy. Did I mention I was behind this morning?  Life seems to go by at the speed of light around here.
 Next, everyone worked together to put the few pieces of outdoors kid furniture in the "kid zone" for our picnic.  We have 3/4 of our backyard as vegetable garden and the remaining 1/4 is the "kid zone" with grass and a sandbox for free play.  As we start learning more about spring and planting vegetables and such you'll most likely see more of our garden featured here.  We'll certainly be using it to learn through summer camp!
 As usual: snack for Fridays is always green smoothies - so convenient for a day themed for St. Patrick's Day.

 This picture is really hard to tell, but "I" has a flashlight that we were using for our literacy review.  I did an individual assessment on each of the kids to reassess the need for Friday and we're doing so awesome that we're ready to move on!  Go girls!  We practiced all our letter sounds (that we have learned) as well as blending sounds to read words. 
 Before we knew it our friends were all arriving for our St. Patrick's lunch.
 We ate some great food and the kids took apart the scarecrow to make "soup" with the straw in the sandbox.  They got really messy, but had a lot of fun!
 Our cake turned out cute as well :)  And everyone liked it.
 Did I mention we had great food?  Look at how cute these little pizzas are that one of our awesome mom friends made.  They tasted super delicious as well.  (I'll admit I ate at least 6)
 EMan was all sorts of dirty by the end of lunch!

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  1. Love the cake and the pizzas with peppers!