Thursday, March 8, 2012

More, Mom Has A Mom

Today in our Spanish and American Sign Language class we learned the sign more (a review for my boys) and signs for family members.  I read the book ¿Eres Mi Mama? in Spanish with the ASL at the same time, which I was quite proud of mastering :)  We love getting our little ones involved with hands on activities, and one of those activities is digital coloring on the SmartBoard.  Here we have Hopkins and his family being colored a nice green.
 While practicing "More" we played with some plastic balls and handed out more every time a child would ask for more.

We encouraged everyone in the class to bring photos of their families so we could play, "Point, Sign, and Say" with photos of family members that kids would recognize.

I had a super thrilling moment this evening after class when my youngest EMan was getting a diaper change.  He signed "thirsty" and then "milk".  It was the first time he has signed "thirsty".  He is 18 months, and has a spoken vocabulary (of understandable words) of about 6 words and a sign language vocabulary of almost two dozen words.  It is fantastic to be able to communicate so easily with him.  We have been doing this class since January, and it has made a world of difference.  Even the two big boys use signs and Spanish all of the time.  Awesome!

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