Thursday, May 5, 2016

May Preschool: Using Tape and Building Responsibilities

What a super fun day in preschool today!  We enjoyed reading all of the different books for our reading lessons and then doing a special read aloud story time with "Giraffes Can't Dance".  I've read the story to them before, but was able to get my hands on a copy for each of them so we read it together today.  It is such a cute story and we talked about how what we do can affect another person or animals feeling and we should always try to be respectful and nice.  We also had a ton of fun wrapping our Mother's Day presents.  I LOVE letting preschoolers use tape.  It's a relatively tricky thing to do and they LOVE to use it (in bulk amounts even) to wrap their own presents.  Today was the first day of one-on-one assessments where I sit with kids individually to compile a folder of everything they learned in preschool for the end of the year.  While I work one-on-one with kids the others get to enjoy playing outside.  These kids have really bonded and play so well together!

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