Thursday, February 18, 2016

I feel like we really hit a great groove today in school.  We have 3 reading groups now.  One is working on reading comprehension and long vowels, another is working on the second set of sight words and will start long vowels soon, and the third is mastering the first set of sight words.  It was so nice to have lessons that matched exactly for each student today.  Yay!  We spent time writing in our journals and then moved into math.  Today we only had one Decimal Street tornado before we built the numbers 1-20 one at a time on our Decimal Street pages.  It's still a very tricky concept to understand place value and how when you have ten units they can't all fit in the unit's "house" so they have to be traded in for a stick of ten.  We'll keep working through it and hopefully tens and units will make sense soon!

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