Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Decimal Street Tornadoes

Today was filled with mini assessments and finishing up past reading units and book sets that we've been working on for a while.  Now we're more organized and ready to start next Thursday with new reading goals that are appropriate for each child.  We had a fun birthday celebration and then moved on to working with tens and units.  I love how Math U See introduces tens and units in their Primer book (certainly a great curriculum for preschool and kinder homeschool kids).  We watched a short segment of the DVD from the curriculum and learned about Decimal Street.  On Decimal Street there are houses for each place value.  The house at the far right is for the units (or ones).  They are the little square blocks.  The house next to it (on the left) is for the tens (or rods or sticks).  We can add more houses later, but this is as far as we go for now.  Each child got their own print out of Decimal Street and a few Base 10 blocks (tens and units).  Then came the tornadoes.  We made tornado noises as we scrambled up all the blocks.  When the tornado ended we had to put everyone back into their correct houses.  It's such a fun way to start sorting through tens and units!

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