Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Digraphs and Faces of 3d Shapes

I was so excited that the Moffatt Girls just came out with a new digraphs bundle of workpages.  What I had been using were ok but not great.  Today we were able to really focus on the /sh/ digraph with the whole class.  We also worked through the rest of the digraphs and some of the Ready2Read program.  We had fun writing and illustrating in our journals and the kids were super sad that we didn't have enough time to let everyone share.  I'll need to set the timing better on Thursday so we can for sure share with each other.
 Since learning the names of 3d shapes came so quickly to this group of preschoolers I was able to start a new section on faces of shapes.  I had this idea that we could use little stickers with faces on them to mark where all the faces are.  It worked fantastically!  We first started with regular wood blocks as they are bigger and easier to handle.  Then each child got a full set of the plastic small 3d shapes.  They were able to put stickers on each of the faces and work on counting how many faces are on each shape.  It was amazing how long they were really focused on this activity.  They loved the interaction between stickers and blocks.

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