Thursday, November 12, 2015

Creative Explorations

We are working on our inquiry block titled "Where we are in place and time".  We spend much of our day singing the days of the week and trying to figure out what day would come next after a given day.  Today we started days of the week books.  We wrote the names of each day by stretching the sounds and writing the sounds down one by one.  
 We also spent a little time talking about if anyone has special plans for Thanksgiving.  We wrote about our special plans if we knew what they were.  Please talk with your children about what you plan to do for Thanksgiving.  This will help us compare the first Thanksgiving a long time ago and Thanksgiving now.
We reviewed faced of 3d shapes today and I was happy to hear most kids remembered exactly what we were talking about and even remembered how many faces were on a cube, cylinder, etc.  They were then turned loose to play with the blocks and quite creative play broke out.  Apparently all the spheres were "cows" that were getting loose and needed rectangular prisms to build fences around them.  It was so fun to watch.

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