Monday, December 29, 2014

Thank You Notes, Snowmen, Sun and Space

What a fun and snowy day of school!  We had a great time this morning in preschool A.  We got to work right away on writing thank you notes.  We read stories about being thankful and discussed some of the things we were particularly thankful for from the holidays.  I LOVE the thank you note template in the Preschool Thank You Notes pack.  They are perfect for this age to practice tracing and writing their own names.  I wrote down the item(s) they were thankful for and then quoted their "why" they were thankful for it.  They turned out super cute!
 Because we spent so much time working on writing today we also had mini music breaks to run around, jump and dance.  I'm sure we sang "Once there was a Snowman" about a zillion times.  We had a fun art project today.  Using a white crayon we learned to draw snowmen with basic shapes.  The kids did fantastic!  We had only a little bit of time for math and used it playing with the pattern blocks.
 This afternoon was so busy I didn't get very many pictures.  We started off right away drawing snowmen just like the morning class.  Then we moved on to writing thank you notes.  For preschool B I challenged these kids to write their whole note.  I gave them cards to write on and then wrote out their thank you note on a whiteboard.  They copied it letter by letter.  It was a challenging and stretching activity for many of them, but they did quite excellent.  We learned about letter U today and talked about the sun and the solar system.  Be sure to read their encyclopedia WITH them (remember they read the small words).  We didn't get to any of our Ready2Read activities today but we did work on baggy books (review and new).  We also played guess my secret rule with the pattern blocks at the end of the day.
We had a delightful day, remember NO SCHOOL WEDNESDAY, I'll see you next Monday!

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