Thursday, May 3, 2012

Z is for Zoo

I'm having camera problems again :( So I apologize that I am just now getting this up.  Last week we learned about the letter Z!  We've also been working on patterning in math.
 We had some independent reading time with books about all sorts of animals.
"J" loved reading about the frogs!
 We put Z the Zebra in his sleeping bag from the Amazing Action Alphabet!
 We also set up a zig-zag course in the backyard to practice running zig-zags.
 So, remember when we planted wheat grass a few weeks ago?  Well, problem is that I can't grow ANYTHING in my house.  I made some rookie mistakes that really irritated me because I know better.  So I ended up buying a couple of pots of wheat grass from the grocery store, transplanting them into their cups, and then letting them give their characters a hair cut.  Ay, carumba!

 We began investigating patterns that follow an AAB or ABB pattern this week.  We played with unifix cubes galore while each child worked on making their own pattern.

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