Monday, May 7, 2012

Kids' Camera and "I Ain't Gonna Paint"

Many years ago when I upgraded to a new camera (the one I just broke a couple of months ago) my old camera was still working adequately enough to let my first and second grade students use it.  Now I let my preschoolers and my kids use it.  My boys were playing with it in the last few weeks and here are a couple of pictures from them.

I think this picture could win an award - that's me gardening in my pajamas (I tend to do that).
 A couple of pictures of daddy...

 And EMan taking a picture of himself.

We also took the opportunity in the warm weather to repeat an awesome playdate, "I Ain't Gonna Paint!"  We started by reading the book and then we let the kids body paint.
 They all started out so clean...
 Mid adventure I was surprised by a visit from my friend's husband and brother who brought a birthday cake.  It was my birthday after all :)  So, add to the body paint, some body frosting!
 Like I said, they started out so clean...

 When all was said and done we washed the kids down and they were as good as new!

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