Thursday, September 17, 2015

Preschool 9-17-15

Today in preschool B we introduced the reading of two new letters: I and L.  We also learned the sight word "my" and "I".  We seemed to hit our level of understanding at this point with most the kids in the class and will spend some time working on blending and reading with the letters that we've reviewed up to now (MTASBHCIL) before moving on.  Please have your child read their reading book 3x each day and practice sounding out the words on the inside front cover if it's an Amazing Action Alphabet book.
 For writing today we continued our "learn to draw" lesson.  We're pulling pages from a simple drawing book to practice using shapes to draw what we love.  As we dig deeper into passions we'll work on drawing something that we love (or more than one thing) on our body maps.
 For math today we played a game called "Grab It". We each grabbed a handful of pompoms, made a guess about how many pompoms we had in our hand and then counted them out.  It was very telling which children can count 1-to-1 up to 20 and which really struggled.  It's an easy activity to practice at home.
 We also colored our counting to 20 sheets.  The goal was to color each box a different color.  Then as we count to 20 we touch each square to say the number.  Next week we'll begin talking about tens and units so at the end of the day today we had some time to free play with the base ten blocks that we'll be using in our upcoming lessons.

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