Monday, March 16, 2015

St. Patrick's Day

What a great St. Patrick's Day celebration we had in school today!  We scooped and dumped green rice while listening to stories about St. Patrick's Day.  We made shamrock art out of heart shaped stamps and made green paint from yellow and blue.
 We had green smoothie muffins for snack and then sorted and counted the different pieces of Lucky Charms cereal.  At the end of the day we learned all about the Penny.  We sang this song:
"Which coin is in my pocket, pocket?
What's in my pocket worth one cent?
It's a shiny penny, penny.
It's a penny, worth one cent."
to the tune of "Shortnen' Bread"
 This afternoon we moved our caterpillar chrysalis' to the butterfly home and inspected how they had changed.  We also got a good look at ladybugs that had turned into the pupa stage and some that had hatched out as beetles.  We even saw two hatch out as yellow beetles.  Did you know that many varieties of ladybugs start off yellow and then become red with spots within hours?
 We also got our hands all covered in paint and made shamrock handprints with those painted hands.  We sorted and counted Lucky Charms, worked on our numbers up to 20 and read tons of stories about St. Patrick's Day.

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